Victorias Secret is out

Victorias Secret opened up a new store in Glasgow at the end of September; the first one in Scotland!
My friends can attest to my obsession with them in my teenage years, when there were no Victorias secret stores in the UK and my boujee ass got it alllll imported from America. (ahh the sweet sweet days of not having to pay bills or buy food) If it wasn’t all imported it would have been my favourite affordable brand! Cute sets, fun slogans, padding for dayzzzz, bright colours – it was wonderful! Unfortunately I finished puberty and finished growing boobs so couldn’t really shop there anymore so I set my desires to alternative brands; although I do still own a few select pieces.

When I heard about the store opening where I live I was excited! So excited to see the new designs, to see what had changed and what theyd come up with since theyd fallen off of my radar. I was not impressed. Sure, their underwear works and isn’t too expensive but the designs either haven’t evolved or are something, Id say, were dramatically tackier. The quality of the products are not as good as the items I still have and have had a decent amount of wear and tear on them.


(For example this green set worn by Gigi Hadid,  Its nice but am I amazed or impressed at the unique design? not overly. This is a lingerie brand and the lingerie is the least impressive thing about the look. Id wear the same set going to the shops – sans butterfly companions.)

I have been meaning to write about this since the store opened however I am a ridiculous procrastinator; but since the comments about trans and plus sized women came to my attention I thought I should hurry up.
Based on my personal opinion of the quality of their stock, in my opinion they are riding the coattails of their own previous success. They’ve become lazy, cutting costs and increasing profits living off of the hype that they gain from their shows and misplaced reputation.

The first Victorias secret fashion show was in 1995 (symbolic for my love of underwear and my birth? Idk you decide) and at that time the predetermined “acceptable” type of beauty were these super tall slender ladies, so to have them as angels was appropriate for what they wanted to achieve. The “fantasy”. However 23 years later and they can’t accept times have changed. We are no longer living in a time when there is one definitive form of beauty, it is still super restrictive but the world is working towards all different kinds of beauty being accepted and embraced. Ed Razek, the executive vice-president, has stated that the reason for hiring models of a similar frame is because the show is a fantasy and non-transgender, slim women are the fantasy for everyone.
This is simply not true and a cop out, everyone has different fantasies and fetishes and I am not saying we should have girls walk down the run way pouring custard over themselves (sploshing) but times are changing and feminism is more prominent now. I am not buying lingerie to appeal to a mans sense of fantasy, I am wearing it for myself, to feel amazing in myself. If I was dressing for a man I’d just be naked.

Whilst I can only speak for myself, these shows should not be geared towards the male fantasy it should be geared towards the target demographic. Women. Sure a guy might buy you knickers for a gift but is he really buying all your underwear for the year? No. the main consumer of lingerie is women. So by not appealing to all of the women you want to buy your product you are shooting yourself in the face.
This company is owned by a man who is 81 years old, and a 70 year old male CMO,  so it is no surprise their sales are plummeting. The 2017 show was watched by 32% less people than in 2016, more people watched a re-run of Rudolph the red nosed reindeer to put that in perspective. The first show in 1995 was originally advertised during the Superbowl and looking for a similar dose of interest, grabbing as much attention as possible I suspect that is why they asked the Kardashian / Jenners to dress up as them on Instagram despite only 1/5 of the ladies having a body that they would allow on the runway.


Trans women are beautiful women, plus size women are beautiful women. Not including them is dumb but oh boy, talking shit about them? Well I guess we will see what happens.

PS VS is also trash because it hires socialites like Kendal Jenner and The Hadids as guest angels when other hard working models who work their ass off to be there are turned away or not given as much hype. I don’t know how much any of them work but you cannot tell me that being from influential families hasn’t made their journey significantly easier.
Also causing weird diets like allegedly Adriana Lima stops eating food more than a week before shows, decreases her fluid intake two days before, and 12 hours before theres no fluids at all??? Like wtf is that????


(24hrs after having it put in, no bruise yet – I bruise late I think. Pen and bandage wrinkles on my skin from the doctor wrapping it, and paper stitches)

I’ve recently made the decision to get the contraceptive implant again, after having detoxed my body from the hormones for the past 5 months, and I was hoping to use my blog to explain my reasoning and check out other peoples opinions an experiences; so hopefully if you are stuck and thinking about contraception choices you will hopefully get a bit more from this post, and other posts around and about will give you more information than a 5 minute chat in your GPs office!
(No shade on the NHS: they are over worked and underpaid)

DISLCAIMER: If mentioning periods or sex organs grosses you out I wouldn’t keep reading.

I remember getting the contraceptive pill when I was 15ish, I was due to go on a school trip to Greece which I didn’t want my period for – but it happened anyway, the doctor invited me into his room and asked me a series of standard questions: if I was sexually active, if I had a history of depression, family history of blood clots, etc. He told me the side effects could be headaches, depression, weight gain, and a number of other things that I do not remember. I got the pill. My mum was eager to get me on it due to herself and my sister suffering with very bad cramps and the pill alleviating them, for the holiday, and maybe on some level was concerned about me having sex.

I was on microgynon – one of the most common contraceptive pills prescribed by doctors as it is cheap to manufacture and allegedly works for most people. I was in quite a poor mental state when I started taking the pill and I am still unsure if the pill made it worse for me or my mental health just deteriorated of its own accord.
When I was 18 I moved to a new city, and naturally changed doctors my, prescription was changed to Rigevidon; I dont know why, I think it was just the standard for my new location. My mental state improved but I am unsure if that’s due to starting a new life or if the change in contraception also helped.
When I was 19 I became sexually active and due to not caring prior to then if I took the pill regularly I decided it was a safer option to get the contraceptive implant, one of my friends had it and said it was good for her so I showed up at the sexual health clinic and got my implant put in that afternoon (after waiting 6 hours in the waiting room, book in advance guys). I hadn’t put much thought into it; like how they put it in or how they take it out so I would recommend research but both of my experiences the implanting and removal were all fine, albeit nerve wracking. For three years I used nexplanon with no problems. The first week of having it I had my period, which gave me cause for concern as I had read stories about girls having their period every day until they got their implant out. PANIC! But I was one of the lucky ones, I had next to no side effects, and after that initial period, which I was due anyway, my period did not bother me for the three years that I had the implant.

After three years of dating and not remembering a time I wasn’t pumped full of hormones I decided to detox and see what I was like without them, I didn’t notice much change apart from realising HOW INCONVENIENT PERIODS ARE! Oh my god they are sore, they ruin your pants, they make you moody, clumsy, AND THEY COST YOU MONEY – shout out to the tampon tax -_-
After 5ish months of dealing with this ive decided to get the contraceptive implant again, it is the right choice for me. Especially as someone who regularly donates blood, it means I don’t have to reschedule my donations with where I am in my cycle to avoid low haemoglobin.

This is what is right for me, my life style, my comfort and peace of mind. This is not the case with everyone. I am very lucky to react so well to contraceptives. A lot of people I know have suffered trying to find something that suits them.

Amanda felt the best contraception for her bodies chemistry was the implant, like I have currently, however she mentions how it was forever getting caught on things!! Something ive yet to experience (Thank goddddd)


My friend Fenella talks openly about her experience on a contraceptive pill called “Yasmin”, this contraceptive pill turned her life upside down, causing her anxiety disorder to worsen. She came off of the pill and it took three months to detox from the hormones and feel like herself again, finally. Since then she has never used another prescription contraceptive and is so happy with her decision!

Speaking with a few of my friends a lot of them have felt pressure to be on a contraceptive, societal pressures, and from doctors. Whilst it is amazing that my friends and I live in a country where contraceptives are so readily available, freely given and encouraged, the fact that a lot of men have become complacent when it comes to safe sex is ridiculous, I have found it is common for them to leave it down to the female partner to be on a contraceptive despite them having no benefits for stopping STIs.
When I got my implant removed the nurse seemed alarmed about the fact I was not getting a fresh one put in and did not have a live prescription for a pill, and when she asked what I planned to use – nothing – she seemed alarmed. Of course it is wonderful she wanted to ensure I was safe and informed, I felt very pressured to justify myself to her.


Grace has been on a the contraceptive pill since she was 14 and apart from migraines which caused her to change to a pill called “Cerelle” she has not had an issue apart from on occasion having irregular periods.

Pills are the most popular option for the people that I know, I’ve only known one person who opted for the coil and her review was harrowing, likening getting it put in and out similar to giving birth; and well that pretty much was enough information for me to know I would not be fucking with that nonsense anytime soon! Whilst talking to my doctor today when getting my smear and implant she was telling me how it was ideal for people who want their period stopped or flow decreased, which does sound appealing but I am one of the lucky ones whose period disappears just with the implant.

Heather however, LOVES the coil!! Whilst it isn’t what I am looking for, hearing Heathers review, and what my doctor said, it does make the whole choice sound a lot more appealing if you are someone who suffers during their period!

As someone with one entire sexual partner ever, I have understood that doubling up on contraception is never a bad idea as contraception is never ever 100% effective regardless of how you use it, however I never personally bothered. Bigcheeksmcgee talks about doubling up to curb the riotous symptoms!
Speaking to Sjanelle and she pointed out to me how Nexplanon – the implant I have, is not always safe for overweight women and can run out of chemicals prematurely and wind up pregnant! This is another way in which contraceptions need to be refined; similarly the issues with those nasty flat tummy teas causing girls to shit themselves skinny rendering the pill obsolete and winding up pregnant.
Sjanelle has found the mirena (the official name of the coil) suits her best, after being bounced from doctor to doctor due to side effects with her period, at age 10, which include fainting. She tried pills from age 13, and the implant at 17, but the mirena is what works for her!

After speaking to a bundle of women over the course of my life, and more so  recent weeks leading up to the writing of this post I have realised that every different form of hormonal contraception has such a unpredictable reaction to the individual; there is no way to really predetermine which will be the most ideal for you, as they are prescribed solely on a trial and error format. I am not a doctor, nor have I really had any bad kind of reaction to any medicines but my limited knowledge is pretty sure that hormone based contraceptions are the only pharmaceuticals with this large variation of results. Whilst all medicines come with warnings and side effects listed in pamphlets, I have never heard anyone talk about how awful the side effects were, and if the side effects were as dramatic as they can be with hormonal contraception then there would not be a market for them.

I think we have all seen the articles talking about scientists developing a male contraceptive, because – y’know – why make the world waterproof when you can just turn off the tap, men can get an unlimited amount of women pregnant, but a woman can only get pregnant once every 9 months. During trials the side effects were deemed “inhumane” despite being the same side effects women commonly endure.
I am not saying the men should suffer depression or any of the other nasty things chemical contraceptions cause! I am saying nobody should have to endure these side effects, and if the side effects are the same for everyone why are the women the only ones with the option to do this.

With no knowledge as a scientist or a doctor I can only assume making pharmaceuticals is really tricky to say the least, but there needs to be updates made to make hormonal contraception safe to use.
In the same vein, the speculum was created in 1845 for conducting experiments on slave women and has never really been upgraded; although there are people working on a revamp! Finally! As someone diagnosed with vaginismus, speculums can make an already awful exam pretty traumatic.

The world of contraception and women’s health needs to be developed further to save us from having to endure these side effects and gain an effective option we can all use safely and responsibility.
Unfortunately nobody can tell you what will work for you, its trial and error, but coming from someone who has never used a condom – I have heard that if you know how to use them, its always a good idea! Especially because in the UK you can get free ones from your GP and lots of other places!

As long as sex is safe and consensual have a good time!

If you want to tell people your experiences with different types of contraception, feel free to share in the comments!

Hotel Review: Titanic Hotel, Liverpool

Flashback to February I was a crazy person who decided to drive from my home in Glasgow to visit Fenella in Worcester spending one night in Liverpool each way; on the way back up to Glasgow I stayed in The Titanic Hotel.
word of advice to readers: do not go to a hotel yourself on valentines day – its quite sickening.

I arrived at the hotel earlier than check in but just happy to not have to drive anymore but the receptionist was very helpful as my specific room wasn’t available she offered me a different room which was available and I took it. The room was beautiful; it was huge, decorated beautifully and had a window seat which I miss and wish I had in my life.
Standing in the reception I heard the light twinkly piano music for “my heart will go on” because it’s the Titanic hotel; what else would they play? And in the lift was the music…and down the corridor was the music… and in my room the TV was playing the music. I turned it off because quite frankly it was annoying me, but I could still hear it faintly from the corridor. Maybe I was just irate from the long drive but I couldn’t listen to it for 15 minutes so I am unsure how the staff manage.

The room was clean and felt brand new – unsure if they recently redid the rooms or if they are just great at cleaning.

I pretty much stayed in my room until check out, but received dinner room service and breakfast room service. Food arrived quickly and hot and delicious! Ideal!
I had a really pleasant stay apart from the slightly loud and enthusiastic neighbours but it was Valentines day in a nice hotel so cannot complain!

Lingerie Review: Wolf and Whistle

Way back in February, I went on ASOS UK to find some cute new lingerie to blog about, post on my Instagram, and to treat myself because I felt like I needed them.

I stumbled across Wolf and Whistle Apex Bra
This was my first purchase from this brand, I was in love with the design and the stars aligned and wolf and whistle sell lingerie that go up to a G cup! PRAISE BE!
As a 30HH, I sister sized slightly and ordered a 32G; and oh my lord it was so cute, it was pretty and comfy and MY SIZE! Or near enough anyways, closer than usual!
The pants were a bit snug and i would probably order a size up if I were to buy from them again.

Bras are the main selling point of lingerie to me; maybe because there is more that goes into them, so many shapes, so difficult to find the correct size, one that’s comfortable and doesn’t dig in, one that’s supportive enough – so pants are usually a secondary thought and I will just buy whatever is meant to match the bra.
The pants were fine, burgundy lace briefs with black edging – nothing overly special but still cute and matched the bra that I loved.

Since this purchase I have become the owner of two bikinis from wolf and whistle; The Goldie chained bikini and the Demi bikini

The bikini tops were sized in a confusing way, not like bra sizes, it was a clothing size and cup size (12DD for example) and as a notorious sister sizer this confused me but the member of the team whom I spoke to was more than happy to offer advice regarding sizing, and let me know if I needed to change size they could help me with that too!

I am Really looking forward to buying more from this company and seeing what they come out with in the future.

Lingerie review: lounge underwear!

Since before I started my Instagram account I have been a follower of lingerie; and I had seen hundreds of pictures of beautiful girls wearing beautiful lingerie from this company but apart from the lingerie they all had one thing in common: they were extremely toned and slender.

As someone who would never describe herself as toned or slender, my ribs already felt crushed, especially after reading a few reviews about the lingerie not being true to size and being manufactured smaller than advertised.

But whatever, I’d put off spoiling myself by buying a set from them for long enough. Time to order some and see how they are first hand!

BOOM! I’m an extravagant person so I got it gift wrapped to myself. I deserve it. I hadn’t seen how the gift wrapping was done online so I was curious: it comes in a classy, strong black box that you could reuse – none of this cardboard rubbish! It had a wee white ribbon – it’s elastic so you can wrap it all back up to look just as perfect without worrying about bow tying skills.

As this was my first package from them I’m not sure what the difference is from regular wrapping to gift wrapping. I assume only the box is different and they’re wrapped in tissue and that protective plastic wrap anyway; you can enlighten me on that if you’d like!

Sizing: so I’m a 14 on the hips, and a 30HH on the chest. I’m already used to sister sizing the crap out of my bras and decided on a 34E for the white bra, large pants and a medium in the red bra.

In all the photos I had seen of the models in the bras with underwires, they hadn’t looked like they fitted at all so I wasn’t holding out much hope honestly. (The underwire is meant to be flat across the sternum and go round to your armpit but all the pictures is seen, the underwire wasn’t flat against anything)

I bit the bullet. It turned out my fears of getting a sore back and squashed ribs were lies. LIESSSS! This bra was very soft! Soft in texture and soft in stretch. It clung to my ribs just the right amount. Comfy standing, comfy sitting. It was witch craft

I wandered about, did some cleaning, did some laundry, ran up and down the stairs and the ladies stayed in their assigned seats! It was a miracle. Bending over to touch my toes posed a bit of risk but they held! I am very very happy with my bra. I think this set would be great and comfortable to wear through the day although ideally I’d be able to buy it in my size!

My fears were ridiculous and I was wrong

The pants were comfortable too! I felt they cut in a little at the hips and may have been a bit smaller than standard sizes however I could wear them quite comfortably without issue.

My red triangle set was another success story – much like the white pants I felt they cut in a bit at the hips but the elastic is very stretchy and didn’t feel like it was straining or I was wearing the complete wrong size. I am curious about how going up a size would fit me.

The red triangle bra was very comfortable also, very soft material, the same type of elastic: enough of a stretch to be comfortable but not stretchy enough that is didn’t support you. Due to the style of the bra and lack of underwire, the stair running and toe touching weren’t as successful as they had been with the first bra but for just lounging. It was great, comfortable and cute!

As I had only really seen this set on smaller chested girls I wasn’t sure how visible the underband would be; with my Calvin Klein sets the underband always tucks underneath which is annoying but alas I think unavoidable for us bigger busted gals (unsure if that’s an issue for all boobs – comment and let me know!), as you can see from the photo it is tucking away already.

Overall I would rate this small haul an 8/10

Loses points for:

-Needing to tweak the sizing

Impresses with:

-Good quality, well made



-Value for money

My Stay at the Sheraton Resort Cascais

On the 20th of March I took a wee trip to Cascais in Portugal for a few days; as a ridiculous person I fall in love with luxurious hotels I see online and justify them to myself and this is most definitely up there. What I saw online was gorgeous, I was in love and booked a room. – A classic tale of girl meets lifestyle she wants to materialize.

After a long, long stressful day of working at 7am, catching two flights, renting a car and learning how to drive a car on the other side of the road I was thee most relieved to finally arrive here! I got a little lost a few times from google maps, I’m not sure if the roads have changed or something as all of the surrounding buildings are gorgeous and look pretty new but I managed to get there – I was initially greeted by a man in a wee booth who controlled a barrier to the resort; our brief encounter was pleasant and I was so grateful to have arrived at the right place!
after navigating the long, grand driveway I found the entrance to the hotel and a nearby parking space. It was beautiful; I sat and admired the grand entrance as my body relaxed all of its tensed muscles from the terrifying experience of driving abroad for the first time.

There were quite a lot of people at the hotel, I’m not entirely sure of all the independent roles but there was a woman at the reception desk, there was a man who offered to take my suitcase and there was another man who offered to take me and my suitcase to my room. Nobody else really registered with me. When the receptionist was checking me in I was distracted with the absolutely gorgeous, and copious amounts of flowers they had at the desk and on tables throughout the reception area. They were beautiful and bright and I never saw any sad looking ones! And as somebody who has killed two cacti I was very impressed by this.

I was shown to my room and explored it, it was lovely – big and comfortable! I ordered myself some room service, ate, showered, and slept. I slept so well. It was wonderful.

The room service came in on a trolley with a white cloth and cloches over the plates which made me feel very fancy.

I had emailed the hotel that night, because I was tired and did not want to verbally speak to anyone, regarding a couple of issues I had with the room and I had a reply the next morning when I woke up. That day the manager met me at the reception desk and was so kind and helpful with everything. When I was out with my friend they moved my stuff to my new room; with my permission of course, and everything was exceedingly wonderful.

Basically if you have a problem, no matter what size, if you let the hotel know they will do everything that they can to fix it for you, you just need to tell them!

I was not there for very long so I did not use the spa facilities, however I visited the swimming pool which was spectacular, it looked just as beautiful as it did online. Truly breath taking. And as it was March, nobody else was there! So that was nice. despite the lack of users the pool area was spotless, no dead leaves or litter or anything, all the grass was freshly cut; as if it was straight out of a magazine. Truly beautiful.

For breakfast I went down to the dining room which I’m sure has three separate areas, a fully inside area, a conservatory area, and there were some seats outside but due to the season I do not think the outside area was open, and I only sat in the main inside area.
Behind all the tables of beautiful food there were big glass windows where you could see the chefs which was nice and interesting for someone eating alone.
All of the food I tried was delicious, proper 10/10 was the Pastel de nata, I could honestly have eaten 1000 of them in one sitting and be comfortable knowing I made a great life choice by doing so. It is not a traditional breakfast food as far as I am aware but just don’t question it and have one.

This is the first hotel that I have been to where their checkout time isn’t strict? I am not sure how else to phrase it, I was certain I read somewhere checkout was 11am, but my booking said noon, so when I called to ask the receptionist they told me checkout was from 11-12. When I checked out everyone was as kind and professional as they had been consistently throughout my stay. In all the different times someone had offered to take my suitcase somewhere I’d declined and by the time I had left I think they knew I wasn’t a resident who was looking for that level of care, or maybe it was because I walked fast with my head down. I am just not someone who wants to have someone do something I can do myself, especially when they are busy, but they stayed close and attentive in case that ever changed, so it was nice that even for the short time I was staying there, they got to know me and what I liked. All of the staff have obviously been trained to a very high level and are very, very helpful but equally they get to know their guests and how we want to be treated which was great and unexpected; especially because I was there for such a short time.

Overall, my stay at The Sheraton Resort, Cascais, was wonderful and I could not have asked for anything to be handled any better and I am sure if you go then you will have an equally wonderful experience.

Real talk: how my instagram got hacked and how I got it back!

Omg so! Story time!! If you follow me on Instagram you may have noticed the past week or so I hadn’t posted, well! My instagram was hacked! HACKED?! At 58k followers?! I was pissed af.

How did it happen?

Well! I got an Instagram dm through being all “hey we want you to be verified click this link” and I was sceptical because I grew up when the internet was growing up too so I knew to not click any links, but it was from verified Instagram?? So with stars in my eyes and a song in my soul I blindly was like YES THEYD WANT TO VERIFY MY ACCOUT! IVE HAD FAKE ACCOUNTS POP UP!

So I logged out, checked the links and it was telling me to login but I was travelling so I was like oh helllll nah I’ll deal with this later. I hadn’t logged in, and even if I had – I have that two factor verification so folk shouldn’t get past that!

Well I was obviously wrong as they did!

Once I landed in Portugal I turned on my phone to check what I’d missed, and I had heaps of messages from people saying my account is gone! My heart fell out of my arsehole, all that work, gone. It was an awful feeling, a dark pit in my stomach the whole trip but still trying to enjoy myself.

I tried to look at it like those folk who spend the whole day drawing and building cool things in the sand and then the waves wash it away and they’re okay with it, but I was trying to be quietly hopeful. It paid off.

How did you get your account back?

So I panicked – lost my cool. I spammed Instagram in all the ways I could think of, messages upon messages to their Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, commented on their photos, tried my luck at dming Mark zuckerberg and the guys who originally created Instagram but obviously to no avail.

They read my Facebook messages a few times but then probably put me on spam.

I read things about having to know someone who worked for them, I knew nobody, is exhausted all of the emails and was feeling hopeless but then I read something.

Go to login, click that you’ve got trouble logging in, say you need more help and fill out this form.

Pretty much immediately I got a response asking me to confirm my identity and then by the evening they’d set me up with a new password and got my account reactivated!


Simples! I just hope nobody goes to the places I emailed because I don’t come off so good haha

Anyways, that’s where I was! And if you’re ever hacked or deactivated I hope this works for you!

I’m still unsure how the message came from real verified Instagram so if anyone wants to shed any light then that’d be wonderful!! Instagram still haven’t told me how the message came from them. So be careful!!

Calvin Klein: the classic Bralette and pants

The Calvin Klein underwear sets. It seems like everyone and their sister has at least one. They’re so plain, so simple, and are everywhere. I myself have two sets. No shame.

They’ve on occasion, briefly come up in conversation, like scaling the stairs of urban outfitters, walking past them, and carrying on with our lives. And on these occasions, people have said to me things to the effect of “Calvin Klein are being so lazy, it’s such a simple idea and people are going mad over them because of the brand. I can’t believe something so simple is so expensive”

And yes, branded items are usually very popular, and expensive, I agree the designs are simple. Sometimes simplicity is good though whilst the bra is labelled as a “sports bra” – it personally doesn’t support me when I’m lying down, let alone jogging haha I don’t jog ever.

But these sets, for me personally are so so comfortable, practical, something I could wear every day around the house. I could do with them being more affordable but that’s what happens when you buy from a big fashion brand; but the quality of the material is worth it to me. So super soft!

What do you make of the Calvin Klein underwear sets?

Real Talk: Lingerie

Part of wanting to blog about lingerie, is blogging about lingerie. So im trying to figure out structure and all that so here goes a most likely jumbled mess.

Why am I so into lingerie? I love how diverse it can be, I love how pretty it can be, I love how good it can make you feel about yourself. All wonderful! I grew boobs, and then they grew some more, and then they grew and grew and grew and grew! So in a short space of time I went from a self measured 32D in school, to a 30FF, to a 32G, to a 30HH!
So naturally, being a 30HH, buying bras is a whole huge issue, especially pretty ones that I love and tick all the afore mentioned boxes.

I want to design lingerie, I want to design lingerie because I’m selfish and want to be able to make lingerie for people with uncommon sized boobs, and if I succeed and go to college I want to leave with an understanding of why its been seemingly impossible for companies like Agent Provocateur – whom I love dearly and have too much of their stuff- to make lingerie in my size, and why I need to sister size the crap out of underwear I want. because I’m stubborn and if I see bras I want, I WILL squeeze into it!

Bra companies that I love and sell more obscure sizes are few and far between. The things I look for in a bra are:
– Support.

It shouldn’t be that hard to tick all of them should it? Maybe its that I’m only just opening myself up to learning about how wildly complicated it is to engineer a bra but I feel like if thats what your company is selling, those are basic requirements.

Out of all of the many, many, many brands that I’ve tried, the companies that tick these boxes the most frequently, that I’ve found so far, are: PlayfulPromises, Wolf & Whistle, and Bluebella

If you haven’t heard of these brands, I understand because theyre smaller and less known as far as I am aware; but I urge you to go and try them out! Especially if you suffer from teh same afflictions as me, and even if you dont! They have a wonderful selection and a wonderful range of sizes with high quality products!

Is that how you blog ablut lingerie? I hope so!
Have a wonderful day!